"Three Perfect Days" in Tokyo


Shinjuku sure looks different in daylight! Here is "Piss Alley", where I had dinner with my friedns from Soken Planning. The internet cafe, "Gaiax" was especially striking.

On my second day, I moved over to Shibuya. It turns out I was across the street from the Tokyo Film Festival. I saw a Hong Kong anime called "My life as McDull".

There was time for a quick trip to the Parasite Museum in Meguro, before dinner in Udagawa-cho with my friend Tae.

Next day, I made the obligatory pilgrimage to the electronics stores in Akihabara, then rested by Shinobazu Pond. I didn't stop at the Linux Cafe. but hurried on for dinner at a Korean barbecue place in Aksaka with my friends Yurie and George.

Finally, I got to a Tokyo nightclub! I saw "Caribbean Dandy", a guitarist and saxophonist who played over some old school dub reggae. Halloween was in the air.

The next day, I went for a walk through the residential part of Shibuya, and up into Yoyogi park. Nothing happening there on a Thursday, except for homeless people and natural beauty. The stadium is an impressive work of architecture. I can't wait to go back. Tokyo e kaerimasu!