Osaka Photos, October 27


The day after the reception, Sven led us on a lengthy walking tour of Osaka. We travsered "DenDen Town" (electronics town), the local version of Akihabara, to peruse computer options, then through a poorer area given over to day laborers, and more recently, to backpackers and the hotel keepers who serve them. The Festival Gate amusement part towers over this area. Finally we visited the Museum of Human Rights, devoted to the history of the burakumen, Korean, Ainu, and Okinawan minorities, and the struggles of disabled people in modern Japan. What a welcome antidote to the bland "consensus political reality" embraced by .... well by a lot of nations actually.

Sven and Ling in DenDen Town

Rollercoaster at Festival Gate

Bob and Sven at Liberty Hall

Burakumen Rights posters, Osaka Museum of Human Rights

Sven and Ling Contemplate a wartime Poster