Some Music that I remember buying recently: (updated June 8, 2004 )

reMIXED, Om Records compilation

Astor Piazzola, "Veulvo al Sur", tango

Jie-Bing CHen, V.M. Bhatt, Bela Fleck, "Tabula Rasa"

various artists, "Banghra Beatz" 2002 compilation


Midival Punditz

Babi Cespedes, 'rezos'


Warren Zevon, 'The Wind'


Cheb i Sabbah "As Far As ... a dj mix"

Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions, Chapter 4

Isaac Delgado "La Formula"

Amr Diab "very Best of" the hottest pop singer in Egypt

Scolohofo, 'Oh!' contemporary bebop by some veteran players

David Holland Quartet, 'Conference of the Birds' (1973) an ECM jazz classic and sentimental favorite

Bare Essentials, Vol 2. (2002) lounge-oid

'trance euro express' 2CD trance comp. (buying stuff like this is a vice I'm not always proud of)

Tori Amos: 'Scarlet's Walk'

John Lennon: 'Shaved Fish' (1973) just the good stuff

Li'l Kim:' Hardcore' (1998, as nasty as she wants to be)

Thalia remix album (Mexipop, annoying cheerful)

early 2003:

Nuspirit Helsinki: Nordic jazzy neo-lounge

Eight Mile soundtrack album

A Night Out With Boy George: Soulful house & techno. kicks sweet booty

DJ Hammadi, Medina: Parisian Euro-Arab variety mix, tres jolie

Karsh Kale, Realise: Indo techno from New York

Cornelius, Point: Obscure and Japanese, otherwise noodly and forgettable.

Best of NG Banda: Salsa


fall 2002:

Thievery Corporation: Richest Man in Babylon

Chemical Brothers, Come With Us: Pretty good, but I like Fat Boy Slim better. Morcheba, Charango

Herbert, Bodily Functions: sound-sculpting DJ Spooky-ish Brit. Just about my favorite CD purchase of 2001. Should have been named for his singer, though.

Also noteworthy

St. Germain, Tourist; Fake jazz by cool French guys

Steely Dan, Two Against Nature: why only two?

BowWowWow, Girl Bites Dog: My faves are all here: Louis Quatorze, Sexy Eiffel Tower, W.O.R.K, the lot