Pictures from my trip to Japan, April 2005



This was my fifth trip to Japan to speak at the UML Forum in Tokyo. UML is a set of information systems design languages and techniques. I've always carved out extra days for tourism when I go over there. Most times, I go by way Osaka to see my longtime friend Sven, who has been teaching English there since 1989. Here are Sven and Ling at the door of their new home in Osaka:

Bob and Sven pose in front of a sign illustrating the evolution of Pachinko:
Here we are in Arashiyama park, by a river near Kyoto on an utterly harmonious spring day:
.. and the river vibrated to jazz standards, as well as the slap of oars:
Fifteen minutes, and beer or two, upriver, we came upon a temple:

The view of Kyoto was filtered through these maples, which look even better at full 3 megapixel resolution:

As we left the park to return to Osaka, we saw this sign on the uphill side of the path:
with its elemental counterpart in the river below: