China 2008

Here is my travel journal from my trip to China, which included two weeks of language study in Shijiazhuang, teaching briefly at China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, the WHICEB e-business conference, and a week of vacation in Hong Kong and Guilin. Pictures are on Picasaweb.


Sinkholes and Skyscrapers: Shijiazhuang, May 11 to 13

Karaoke in Peril: Shijiazhuang, May 16 to 19

Ready to Launch?: Shijiazhuang, May 21 to 24

Stand and Deliver: Shijiazhuang and Hankou, May 24 to 26

Lao Shi: Wuchang, May 27 to 31

Vacation, finally : Hong Kong and Guilin, June 2 to 7